Camp Decorah History

Camp Decorah is 330 beautiful acres of wooded sand hills that overlook the Black River. The camp provides a wilderness atmosphere and is easily accessible in western Wisconsin. The main entrance to the camp is on Council Bay Road, which is located seven miles north of Holmen, WI and four miles south of Galesville, WI. Reservations are on a first come-first serve basis; summer campsite reservations are taken at the end of that same camp week in the prior year; off-season campsite and building reservations are opened up on September 1st. During summer camp, all meals are served in the air conditioned dining hall, or prepared in the campsites by special arrangements. High Adventure is available through the Peak of Adventure program. Troops arrive on Sunday afternoon and depart Friday night or Saturday morning. Friday night is Parent’s Night when families and friends are invited to camp to enjoy the evening festivities.

Camp Decorah Present Day

Camp Decorah is nestled in the heart of beautiful Western Wisconsin. This area of the country is known for its rocky bluff lands known to the locals as “Coulees”. Western Wisconsin is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. Hiking and biking the bluffs, navigating the many local rivers and waterways including the Mighty Mississippi River, a temperate climate, and unbelievable hunting opportunities are just a few of the reasons tourists come to visit the “Coulee Region”. Camp Decorah is roughly 15 miles north of La Crosse, WI, sitting on the Black River. The Gateway Area Council utilizes camp throughout the year for council and community events including the operation of Nationally Accredited Boy Scout, Webelos, and Cub Scout Summer Camps. Facilities include, but are not limited to a full service dining hall, shooting ranges, a swimming pool, large waterfront area including a stocked fishing pond, a four-sided climbing tower, handicraft facilities, a nature center with an extensive trail network, and much more.

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